Airport Products

Provide airport passengers with a self-controlled journey, allowing freedom of movement without compromising security and automated gates to streamline every stage of the process.


Automated solutions for fare collection, pre-security, self-boarding and immigration to ensure high passenger flow rates and accurate ticket validation.

  • Reduce passenger queuing time by managing queues and processing passengers faster through the airport
  • Decrease processing times to get passengers airside to reduce stress
  • Provide automated processes – self-service, passenger tracking – freeing up airport staff to focus on customer care
  • Provide fast and efficient movement of passengers without compromising on security
  • Pre-security gates, boarding gates, immigration gates and exit breach control
  • Automated passenger detection systems with sophisticated identification tools – document readers, 2D barcode readers and biometric scanners
  • Create a commonality of processes across pre-security, boarding and immigration

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