SafeCash Retail Station

Cash recycler for combined cash deposit and dispensing


Cashiers fill, refill and empty their tills using the SafeCash Retail Station which accepts, recycles and dispenses cash.

Ideal for big supermarkets, shopping malls or exhibition centres where there are many small traders operating.

High speed and capacity

Up to 900 coins can be counted and sorted per minute and up to 8 notes per second.

Bundles of up to 200 notes and the complete till with coins can be deposited in one go.


Notes are kept in a certified safe (Grade III) with optional ink protection.

User groups and monitoring

Use Gunnebo’s SafeControl software for online monitoring, user management and generation of reports.

Define mixes and user rights for each cashier.


Route planning and pick-up times can be optimised by giving CIT access to cash level data.



Key Specifications

  • Deposit Speed: 8 notes per second. 800-900 coins per minute.
  • Deposit Method: ​​Note bundles of up to 200 notes.
  • Capacity: Up to 2500 notes per cassette and up to 5 cassettes per machine.