Quick Folding Gate

Keeping your entrances secured after every entry or exit

​Our Quick Folding Gate is a fast trackless bi-hinged gate and is the only way tokeep your entrances secured after every exit or entry. It boasts speed,stability, is very reliable and needs low maintenance due to the tracklessdesign. The QFG is suited for heavy and hightrucks as there is no track or locking in or in the event of a loss of power. It issupplied in standard sizes. There are two types of Quick Folding Gates, I and II.


The opening widths are 3.5-6 metres and opening /closing time takes 4-6 seconds. The standard heights are 2 or 2.5 metres. All the needed safety is provided by safety edges and light beams. Designed for intensive and continuous use in e.g. logistic centres and harbours.


This is the next generation of our revolutionary Quick Folding Gate. It is larger, sturdier and even more suited for high security use. The gate boasts a clear width up to 8 meters and a height up to 3 meters. The posts are dimensioned for ultra heavy duty use and in the next step also a crash rated version is expected on basis of this design – up to 4 meters with a crash rating of 2.5t @ 50km/h – ideally suited for embassies, urban environments, airports, logistics and other security sites need to keep their area closed 100% of the time

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