Comparison Guide: Entrance Systems for Office Buildings

Explore the alternatives for managing the flow of staff and visitors into and out of your site

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Industry Segments


Automated solutions for fare collection, pre-security, self-boarding and immigration to ensure high passenger flow rates and accurate ticket validation.


Protect assets and investments, ensure the secure movement of cash, limit security risks for staff and employees, and maintain the concept of an open bank.


Improve passenger mobility without compromising on security. Automated solutions for fare collection, pre-security, self-boarding and immigration.

Industrial and High Risk Sites

Protection of people, premises and assets incorporating entrance security, intrusion detection and video surveillance.

Cash in Transit

Improve the efficiency and cost-effectivness of the cash cycle and help your clients optimise their cash processes.

Public & Commercial Buildings

Manage and control the movement of people around your site with entrance security solutions.


Optimise cash management processes, cut time spent on cash handling, reduce shrinkage and improve security for staff and customers.

SpeedStile FLs gives us the level of entrance security we require

/   Opher Lichter, Security Manager, Young & Rubicam Group